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Building an Enterprise Data Platform with Analytics in mind


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Investing in an Enterprise Data Platform that is analytics-ready can drive huge benefits across the organization. Such a platform can form the bedrock for solutions to meet local and global needs, leverage digital transformation to enable and automate efficient business processes, and provide insights to support data-driven decisions.  But where do you start?

For many organizations, the potential benefits of such a platform are huge, and can increase data maturity to the point where data is a key competitive advantage.  This is critically important in an ever-changing consumer and competitor landscape.  But, how do organizations prioritize and realize the business benefits, and prevent the approach becoming a pure IT initiative?

During this webcast we’ll present a proven approach to setting up an enterprise-wide data platform focusing on the key objectives of:

  1. Delivering value to the business
  2. Delivering value at optimum speed
  3. Benefiting from synergies in requirements

What we’ll cover:

  • The strategic approach to establishing an enterprise-wide data platform
  • The prioritization of data and products
  • Key considerations to ensure a successful program, including data availability, scalability, and user empowerment

Is it for you?

  • Are you planning on setting up an enterprise data platform and don’t know where to start?
  • Does your organization intend to do more with analytics, and need a platform to support those aspirations?
  • Is an initiative taking too long to realize business benefits?
  • Do you have an existing enterprise data layer, that you are looking to refresh?
  • Are your company’s priorities rapidly changing and you need to provide up to date data to understand the new market?