Thorogood is dedicated to supporting our customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How We Work

Think big, start smart

Our project approach focuses on delivering value to the business quickly and assuredly. Our small, multi-skilled teams are adept at designing and implementing technology solutions to solve business problems.

Our project teams are organized with speed and flexibility in mind, using the best of Agile and DevOps delivery practices to enable continuous delivery of meaningful insights to your business.

Business Focus

We know things can change quickly and being able to respond promptly is important. Keeping business goals at the center of focus means we stay locked on to delivering value, always.


We help you keep up with technology changes, understand what's possible and what it means for getting the most out of your investment, so you can decide how far and how fast you want to go.


We take the best from the Agile methodology - business focus, iteration, and delivering early value, while overcoming constraints that just don’t help us deliver effectively.


To maximize our agile development approach, we use DevOps to shorten the time to deployment and provide continuous delivery with high quality.