Business Continuity

Thorogood is dedicated to supporting our customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our business continuity plans are fully operational, and all our staff are equipped to maintain operational effectiveness as we work remotely.

Our workforce has always been set up to run efficiently from remote sites, as we operate a distributed workforce model across four continents, and we are confident in our ability to continue to support our customers effectively during this time.

Information Security is of utmost importance to Thorogood, and our business continuity plans are in compliance with our ISO 27001 certification standards. Our employees are educated in upholding security best practices in a remote working environment.

We recognize that many of our customers are experiencing disruption to their businesses, and many are having to cope with reprioritizing current initiatives or responding to urgent needs arising from the Covid-19 situation. Our teams are working hard to support our customers through these disruptions, leveraging the flexibility of cloud services to quickly deliver analytic insights in these extraordinary times.

When fast, reliable business insights are necessary to guide companies through the uncertainty, we believe the value of data and AI is paramount. Through these times, Thorogood remains committed to helping our customers and prospective customers navigate the benefits of analytics for their organizations. We continue to provide a full calendar of free videos and webinars to keep you up to speed on what’s happening in the world of Data & AI. We’ve also adapted our in-person educational events to be run in a virtual format. Visit our Perspectives page to find out more and register.

Helping our customers gain meaningful business value from the smart application of technology and data has always been our mission. We’d like to help wherever we can. Please get in touch if there’s anything else you need help with.