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We are Thorogood, an independent consultancy specializing in data and AI. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we help them make better decisions for competitive edge; from improved efficiency and sustainability to enhanced resilience and increased profit.

Our longstanding track record of delivering value has secured an enviable list of blue-chip companies. They trust us because we’ve built a thorough approach that consistently leads to good business outcomes, not just technology outputs.

Formed in London in 1987, today we serve our global clients from offices in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.



Our work depends on cooperation and teamwork; there is no room for prima donnas.

Client Focus

We care about our clients. We make commitments to clients that reflect a balanced set of priorities, and deliver on our commitments. We never let a client down.


Our people are open and honest with each other and with clients, as far as individual privacy and commercial confidentiality allow. This means that difficult issues cannot be fudged, and must be tackled with care and sensitivity. Colleagues must be worthy of each other’s trust as they are worthy of a client’s trust.

Personal responsibility

Consultants are ultimately responsible for their own development and performance. The firm will encourage, support and help in every way possible, but cannot guarantee people success. Neither do we accept performance that falls below our established work standard.

Outstanding work

Maintaining high work standards means that our people are prepared to work as hard and as long as is necessary to get the job done to the best level it can possibly be done. We will not let a problem beat us.


Our consultants never mislead. They never tell a client that we have done something before, when we haven’t. However, we are continually succeeding with new technologies and solving new problems, so we understand and have confidence in our capabilities. So when we do tell clients that we can do things that we have never done before, they know we mean it. Clients trust us to make the latest technologies work and to solve unique problems. They know that we will not give up.

Readiness to change

Technology and business move very quickly. Each member of the firm must stay open to new ideas, new technologies and new ways of doing business. The way we do business today isn’t going to be viable forever. It is inevitable that we will need to adapt to new demands and new ways of delivering value in the future.


We recruit and train consultants to develop a unique mix of skills, blending business understanding in the form of industry and functional experience, with strong technical aptitude and a deep understanding of analytical tools and techniques.

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At Thorogood, we are committed to ethical business practices and making a positive contribution to the communities in which we work, and the world at large.

As a delivery partner for some of the world’s largest manufacturers and financial services organizations, we have helped with environmental, social, and governance initiatives including sustainable cloud adoption and consumption.

Our Responsible Sourcing policy helps us to engage with suppliers fairly and ensure they uphold our high ethical standards.

We are also ISO 27001 certified and our Information Security and Data Protection guidelines and Privacy Policy deliver continuous improvement and evolving best practices in line with the toughest global standards.

Our people are our most valuable asset and ensuring their well-being is paramount. Our Business Continuity practices support a global workforce that works efficiently and seamlessly from Thorogood offices, client premises, and their own homes.

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