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Adopting Power BI in your Organization


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Thorogood consultant Archana Krishna discusses key aspects of an effective adoption and governance strategy for Power BI that can successfully deliver to IT and Business objectives

Usage of Power BI is rapidly growing – whether this is led by an IT-driven strategy or by growing pockets of business users leveraging the tool for analysis and insights. Power BI as a platform continues to grow – and this goes well beyond just Power BI Desktop.

With this adoption of Power BI as an enterprise-wide reporting and analytics platform, it is vital to think holistically about a framework that supports and delivers maximum value to your organization – architectural patterns, user personas, governance, administration, compliance with organizational standards and policies and more…

Adopting Power BI in your Organization

This webcast:

  • Explores the various pillars of a Power BI adoption and governance strategy
  • Describes key architectural and design considerations
  • Describes best practices for Power BI usage, monitoring and governance

Is it for you?

  • Is your organization using or interested in adopting Power BI?
  • Would you like to understand how to incorporate Power BI governance and best practices into your organization?