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Extend your Power BI Reports: To Infinity and Beyond


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With the rapid adoption of Power BI by leading organizations for a variety of initiatives, there is a demand to understand how you can extend Power BI solutions by exploring the powerful integration it has with the offerings that are part of Microsoft Azure and the Power Platform.

We identify business use cases where pairing Power BI with these technologies helps unlock additional value and allows Power BI to be the all-encompassing reporting and analytics tool that caters to your automation, advanced analytics, and reporting needs. We explore how you can bring automation and customization in user experience to Power BI solutions by leveraging its seamless relationship with Power Apps and Power Automate. We show how Power BI allows you to bring Data Science and AI-generated insights to the fore in a way that business decision-makers can understand and take action.

In this webcast we:

Understand how to best leverage Power BI’s native connections to the Azure and Power Platform offerings and explore use cases where the usage of these tools in conjunction with Power BI is appropriate.

Is it for you?

  • Are you building end to end solutions and are wondering how best to make use of Power BI to surface your insights?
  • Are you looking at empowering your users and establishing a data-driven culture within your organization?
  • Would your Power BI solutions benefit from better integration with other technologies for more robust analysis?