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Enabling Self-Service Analytics with Power BI


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  • Power BI
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  • Citizen Data Engineers

In this recorded webcast we show how Power BI is helping citizen data engineers support self-service analytics.

Recent technology development has put increasing power into the hands of ‘citizens’ rather than IT, and the rise of the citizen data engineer has seen increasing numbers of business users taking responsibility for delivering quality data for self-service to their teams.

Power BI’s highly flexible data transformation capabilities, along with other key data management features such as security, scheduling, and data source endorsement are making the life of the citizen data engineer so much easier. But is it all plain sailing? Join us as we look at the capabilities that are making Power BI a go-to choice for delivering data within your organization.

Enabling Self Service Analytics (32 mins)

In this webcast, we:

  • Describe the Power BI architecture for delivering self-service to business users
  • Show some of the key techniques that are making it easy to deliver consistent, repeatable data
  • Highlight some of the current constraints that need to be considered when using Power BI to deliver self-service data
  • Look at what’s needed for successful self-service

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking to overcome an IT bottleneck for data access?
  • Do you want to deliver consistent, certified data to your business colleagues?
  • Are you a Power BI user wanting to understand how your organization can provide you with access to good quality data?