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Implementing Microsoft Power BI


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Power BI offers a compelling option to understand, analyze, and gain insights from data. The continual evolution and growing functionalities of the product evokes a need to carefully consider your strategy to effectively implement the tool and maximize value from your investment.

As organizations look to drive adoption and productionize Power BI, there are numerous architectural and procedural approaches which must be established to cultivate a stable, intuitive, and reliable reporting and analytics ecosystem. Finding a balance between enabling self-service and enforcing governance for the tool is essential to operating a high value and business-focused Power BI platform.

In this recorded webcast Thorogood Consultant Ben Dunmire shares some thoughts on implementing Power BI as a self-service tool and highlights key design decisions for delivering a successful Power BI enterprise deployment. He explores considerations on best practices for report design, controls for data sources & data storage, and version management & deployment patterns among other related topics.

Implementing Microsoft Power BI

What we cover:

  • Key topics to focus on when implementing Power BI
  • The value in making sound design decisions when establishing a plan for enterprise Power BI deployment
  • Example methodologies and strategies which can be used to deliver a Power BI strategy
  • Considerations for managing the constant evolution and growth of the tool

Is it for you?

  • Have you started using Power BI in your organization and want to think about expanding it?
  • Are you looking to drive adoption of Power BI to a wider audience?
  • Are you struggling to maintain consistency in dashboards and datasets?
  • Are you concerned with choosing the best direction for the myriad of options that exist when implementing Power BI?