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Governing and Executing on a Power BI Strategy


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Microsoft’s Power BI tool offers a compelling option to understand, analyze, and gain insights from data. The continual growth and evolution of the product elicits a need to carefully consider one’s strategy in order to deliver maximum organizational value.

As organizations look to drive adoption of an ever-evolving Power BI tool, it’s imperative to think about how that organic growth is managed and what structures are put in place to ensure a stable, reliable, and intuitive reporting and analytics ecosystem. Balancing excitement and eagerness of the user community with a well-supported and thoughtful governance strategy is essential to a valuable Power BI platform.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultant Ben Dunmire shares our thoughts on governing Power BI as a self-service tool and highlight actionable decision points for delivering a successful Power BI strategy. We will explore ways to promote the use of best practices and draw out opportunities to implement sensible controls for security as well as standards for the production and maintenance of dashboards.

What we cover

  • The value of self-service enablement
  • How to manage and understand options for security implementation and licensing
  • Common pain points and pitfalls in delivering on a Power BI strategy
  • Example methods and programs to establish and spread best practices

Is it for you?

  • Have you started using Power BI in your organization and want to think about expanding it?
  • Are you looking to drive adoption of Power BI to a wider audience?
  • Are you struggling to maintain consistency in dashboards and data sources?
  • Are you concerned with electing the appropriate security structure and Power BI licensing package?