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Creating Business-Driven Impactful Dashboards with Power BI


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As reporting tools continue to innovate, it’s hard not to be enthralled with the hot new feature or software. However, true business innovation with BI reporting is driven by focusing on transformational business objectives and then aligning the right tools to meet these objectives. With a clear focus on the business objectives, you can avoid the risk of implementing meaningless dashboards without strong user buy-in or investing too much in technology without a clear understanding of the business value.

At Thorogood, we’ve developed a methodology for creating business-driven impactful dashboards in Power BI based on our years of experience. We start by establishing a shared understanding of key business objectives will all key stakeholders.  Then, through creative workshops and rapid feedback sessions, we work to build out impactful dashboards while maintaining engagement with the key business users.

In this webcast, we share some Power BI case studies to show how this methodology produces dashboards with outstanding business impact and user adoption.

Webcast recording (22 mins)

What we  cover:

  • An overview of our methodology for creating business-driven impactful dashboards
  • Application of this approach using Microsoft and Power BI technologies
  • Considerations for getting started with applying this methodology

Is it for you?

  • Are you planning to create a new set of dashboards and you want to drive business impact?
  • Are you struggling to get buy-in for your reports or dashboards?
  • Do you have dashboards in your organization that aren’t currently being used?
  • Are you looking to gain additional value from your investment in Microsoft and Power BI?