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Cloud Economics: Getting Maximum Return on Investment


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Economies of scale, total cost of ownership, capital expenditure vs operational expenditure – we hear about these common principles as they relate to adopting the cloud, but why do they matter and how do we fully assess ROI of the cloud? Beyond an understanding of cost implications, it’s imperative to evaluate the value of agility, responsiveness, flexibility, and availability of new software capabilities when considering what the cloud offers and the rationale for investing in cloud for data and analytics.

As enterprise organizations introduce modern data platforms, AI applications, and data science capabilities while they simultaneously assess the condition of legacy on-premises data systems and the opportunity for data center migrations, it becomes clear the inevitability of a hybrid architecture and the importance of evaluating all levers of the cloud. In this webcast, we will explore key components of cloud economics for data, AI, and analytics while also discussing important drivers to consider in any cost-benefit analysis. In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultant Ben Dunmire discusses common cloud adoption approaches enterprise organizations are taking, hidden challenges with cloud, and the largest value-driving opportunities to take advantage of.

Cloud Economics: Getting Maximum Return on Investment (25 mins)

What we cover:

Drawing from our own client experiences, we demonstrate:

  • Components and criteria that we think about when evaluating the economics of cloud.
  • Common patterns, challenges, and value-driving opportunities which are important to understand and apply to your organization.
  • The different approaches and cadences that are taken in cloud adoption and evolution of cloud capabilities.
  • How strategies and decisions put in place today can lead to massive long-term gains and agility in data and analytics.

Is it for you?

  • Are you just getting started with cloud? Are you part way through your initial cloud journey and facing key decisions? Are you fully productionized in the cloud and looking how to optimize your usage, or think about the next stage?
  • Are you working to evaluate the value of cloud and how it may help your organization?
  • Have you introduced a modern data platform and/or data science workloads and want to make sure they’re being implemented to the best effect?
  • Are you making strategic decisions on cloud and needing to consider economic impacts, particularly during COVID?