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Optimizing Cloud Costs for Data & Analytics


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The elasticity, scalability, and flexibility enabled by cloud has created endless possibilities for data & analytics solutions and has led to the rapid growth of modern data architectures. With growing volumes of data and increasingly complex needs for data processing and storage, the cloud has become a quintessential component of technology strategies.

In order to recognize a strong return on cloud investment, we need to know how to use the cloud responsibly and optimize the costs of data and analytics solutions. As enterprise organizations design modern data architectures and cloud-based applications, they should examine how costs will be monitored, managed, and optimized for each implementation.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultant Ben Dunmire explores strategies to aid in controlling cloud costs and specific methodologies for optimizing key components of traditional data and analytics solutions. He discusses frequent pitfalls organizations face with the cloud and considers implementation and management approaches which reinforce a culture of designing cost-optimized solutions that empower developers, managers, and users to deliver thoughtful implementations.

Optimizing Cloud Costs for Data & Analytics

What we cover:

Drawing from our own client experiences, we demonstrate:

  • The importance of monitoring cloud costs and implementing strategies and best practices when using the cloud for data and analytics.
  • Considerations for balancing performance and user/developer experience with costs.
  • Common pain points and challenges organizations experience when managing their cloud data environment.
  • Opportunities to implement new strategies, methodologies, and solutions to gain insight into cloud costs and take proactive steps to optimize its utilization.

Is it for you?

  • Are you getting started with a cloud data environment and want to gain insight into opportunities for sensible tool usage?
  • Are you struggling to manage cloud resources and finding difficulty in properly optimizing data and analytic tools?
  • Have you adopted any strategies to enhance the usage of cloud tools within your data and analytic architecture?
  • Are you looking to capture key cost metrics and use them to drive usage patterns and design best practices?