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Getting Started with Power Apps


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In today’s world of numerous web and mobile applications designed to meet business needs, it may be hard to find an application that is an exact fit for your organization while also developing one in a costly manner.

PowerApps is a tool within Microsoft’s Power Platform that is used for developing simple applications in a low-code environment. Using prebuilt functions with high customizability, the tool enables quick development and a launch of applications that are relevant to you. The set of tools available with PowerApps are designed to empower the “everyday user” to design and build custom apps for your workplace. When it comes to creating optimized workflows or automated processes, this intuitive, drag-and-drop developer tool helps to minimize potential gaps between a business need and a programmer’s technical code.

In this webcast, Thorogood consultants introduce the PowerApps tool and share thoughts on some of the key considerations and use cases for designing an app that can tailor to your business requirements. We will discuss how one begins to develop within the tool and the amplitude of use cases that are possible given the functionality available to connect to many of your business’ existing data architecture and systems.

Getting Started with Power Apps (20 mins)

What to expect

Drawing from our experience as a Microsoft Gold Partner as well as our vast expertise in developing applications in PowerApps, we:

  • Discuss important considerations when thinking about business needs and specific use cases to utilize PowerApps.
  • Explore how PowerApps can be considered alongside other technologies and initiatives to see where it fits into existing business processes.
  • Discuss and demonstrate approaches to make PowerApps accessible to all types of users.

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in custom web applications but do not know where to get started?
  • Are you exploring approaches to effectively use a front-end tool to produce a better user experience for a given business scenario?
  • Are you looking to build automated workflows between other applications and tools that your business currently uses?