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Power Apps & Power Automate: Make Power BI show your business your way


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Leveraging enterprise data can ensure everyone is using that single version of the truth, but sometimes it just doesn’t structure the data the way you want to look at it. You have local hierarchies and attributes that help you run your business, but how can you include this local information in a way that allows you to set it up once, and then use it everywhere.

Thorogood Consultant Liam Doyle explains how Microsoft Power Apps offers a great solution to this challenge. With its low-code environment allowing fast development of forms for data input and validation, it’s easy to set up interfaces to enable hierarchy maintenance and data capture which can be stored outside of enterprise data, and used across multiple Power BI reports to provide a local perspective on global data. Power Automate closes the loop, enabling you to manage the process, initiate validations and transformations, and so provide the robust controls you need.

Managing Local Data with Microsoft Power Apps (19 minutes)

What we cover:

  • Introduction to Power Apps and Power Automate and explain how they fit into the Power Platform
  • Show examples of Power Apps to provide local perspectives on global data
  • Demonstrate powerful integration between Power Apps and Power BI

Is it for you?

  • Are you frustrated with not seeing enterprise data the way you need to?
  • Do you need to be able to input your perspective into a Power BI solution?
  • Are you interested in what Power Apps can do for your Power BI reports?