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Self-Service Taken to the Next Level


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Self-service and data democratization are at the forefront of many organizations’ digital transformation journey. But how can you ensure that you give users all the data and flexibility they need while maintaining control?

Recent technology development has put increasing power into the hands of ‘citizens’ rather than IT, and the rise of the citizen data engineer has seen increasing numbers of business users taking responsibility for delivering quality data for self-service to their teams. However, there is an element of data and effort duplication, accompanied by a lack of consistency which is creeping in.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultant Raghav Pandey shares his thoughts on some of the key considerations in designing agile and responsive mechanisms with just-enough controls to successfully deliver to self-service needs. He discusses several approaches to self-service depending on the nature of the use cases and where users lie on the skills spectrum, and defines how modern cloud technologies can be leveraged to give you maximum flexibility while maintaining reliability and control.

Self-Service Taken to the Next Level (23 mins)

What to expect:

Drawing from our experience working with customers on self-service strategies and implementations of the same, we:

  • Explore the importance of catering to self-service reporting and analytical needs with cloud technologies, and strategies to achieve this
  • Discuss common self-service usage patterns as well as potential pain points and challenges that may be encountered
  • Discuss and demonstrate approaches that make data more accessible to all types of users

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to deliver consistent, certified data to your business colleagues?
  • Are you exploring approaches to effectively use modern technologies to enable self-service and democratize data for consumption?
  • Are you looking to expand the usage of your data assets and empower your user community?