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Constructing a BI & Analytics Strategy: Amplify your investment by empowering users


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Have you invested in a self-service platform for power users or advanced analysts but continue to struggle to empower your users to drive meaningful business value while upholding the integrity of your solutions?

A comprehensive Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy will require careful orchestration of the tools, data, people, and processes required to contribute valuably to your business objectives.

In the third session of this four-part series, we focus on considerations for empowering users to use your organizations’ existing Business Intelligence and Analytics investments to achieve optimal value.  We look at key concepts around training, support, and best practice, with a focus on helping to drive necessary organizational changes to ignite a user community that creates real business value.

Amplify your investment by empowering users

What to expect

Drawing from our own client experiences, we demonstrate:

  • Common pain points that organizations experience when trying to empower users in their organization
  • Key considerations for building a user empowerment program that actually moves users up the curve
  • Sample programs that could help enable your organization


Is it for you?

  • Has your company adopted a self-service solution but struggled to get users to adopt it properly?
  • Are you planning to bring a new technology solution into your business?
  • Are you looking to gain more tangible business value from your technology solutions?


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