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Constructing a Well-Orchestrated BI & Analytics Strategy: Defining processes to enable proper governance


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Are you concerned that the integrity of your carefully delivered Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions is being compromised due to a lack of organizational process around governance?

A comprehensive Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy will require careful orchestration of the tools, data, people, and processes required to contribute valuably to your business objectives.

In the final session of this four-part series, we will focus on considerations around putting proper processes in place to ensure solutions are being used responsibly and appropriately.

What to expect:

Drawing from our own client experiences, we will demonstrate:

  • Common pain points that organizations experience when trying to govern and administer their Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions
  • Key considerations for implementing processes that enable your organization without losing control of the quality and accuracy of your systems
  • A sample framework for considering governance in your organization

Is it for you?

  • Has your company adopted a self-service solution but struggled to find the right balance of freedom and control for users?
  • Are you adopting a new system and interested to know more about what should be considered from a governance perspective?

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