Self-service Data Preparation


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  • Reporting and Analytics

Are you:

  • struggling to pull together the right data you need for your reporting?

  • carrying out extensive data transformation tasks which require manual intervention?

  • experiencing data quality challenges that could potentially impact your analysis?

Data Preparation tools are enhancing the power and opportunities that self-serve analytics can bring to organizations, whether that be for citizen data scientists, business analysts or IT. With companies moving to more modern data architectures, more data is available allowing for greater depths of analysis than ever before, but to make use of that data requires better tools and data preparation techniques to find the data you need and to structure it for your analysis.

But how simple are these tools to use, and what can they actually do for you?

We will look at what is available in the market to see what is on offer, and also take a specific look at two key players in the business intelligence market, Microsoft and Tableau, to show you how their data preparation capability is transforming what these products can do. We will also look at some important steps and techniques along the way to ensure you get the right data, in the right place for your decision making.