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Governing your data with Tableau


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As organizations grow, so too does their data and with it the need for secure, trusted, and shareable insights. With advances in modern data platforms, the flexibility of self-serve at enterprise scale and tight IT control are no longer mutually exclusive.

Trusted data, trusted content and shared responsibilities are what modern data governance brings to a company by defining a model that is available to everyone and that ensures data quality, content security, and consistency.

In this recorded webcast, we show how a good Data Governance Strategy takes into account the various data and security needs of stakeholders and harnesses the power of a platform that is flexible enough to cater to those requirements. As a leader in this space, Tableau offers a compelling option to help you understand, analyze, and gain insights from data while attending to your company’s security requirements.

Governing your data with Tableau (30 minutes)

What we cover

  • Key aspects to consider when building a data governance strategy
  • How to understand and manage options for security implementation and licensing
  • The self-serve enabling power of Tableau’s Data Management Add-On

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in discovering how Tableau can help you and your organization deploy a secure and trusted data governance strategy?
  • Are you keen on understanding what capabilities and resulting licensing different stakeholders require?
  • Are you looking to drive adoption of Tableau to a wider audience?