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Analytics with Tableau


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The increased accessibility to Analytics with maturing cloud platforms has made effective visualization more important than ever. Companies are increasingly using machine learning to generate insights that can be cumbersome to digest and act upon. Investing in the right visualization capabilities offer a means to present information to business owners and stakeholders, leading to insight-driven decision making.

Enterprise organizations are accelerating their pace of adopting modern data architectures. This opens exciting opportunities to access intelligence from large volumes of data or from disparate sources.

In this recorded webcast Thorogood Consultant Jai Pradhan looks at how Tableau, a leader in the Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms category, can help maximize the business value that can be derived from these solutions. We will look at how Tableau can work with popular cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS as well as leverage native capabilities (such as Ask Data, Explain Data, integrating with R and Python) to make Analytics outputs more accessible.

Analytics with Tableau (25 min)

What we cover in this webcast:

Drawing from experience with design and implementation of analytical models and data visualization solutions:

  • Sample modern data architectures that are commonly used with Tableau to access Analytics outputs
  • Integrating Tableau with exciting modern data platforms and share key considerations and challenges
  • How to approach creating visualizations with modern data platforms that will provide the most value?

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking to derive value from your business-focused Analytics Experimentation?
  • Have you migrated to the cloud and are you evaluating which visualization platform can be the best fit for your requirements?
  • Are you looking to productionize your Analytics outputs?