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Applying the Power of Tableau to Sales Analytics


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Sales effectiveness is crucial to success, and to support this, sales strategies and processes constantly need refining as the customer, market, and environment change. The proliferation of Customer Relationship Management systems and market data has increased the availability of information, but it often feels like the killer questions can’t be answered or solutions aren’t responsive enough to meet the needs of the business.

The answer lies in arming our sales professionals with the best information available and utilizing a spectrum of analytical techniques to describe and anticipate customer behavior. This is led by key sales questions, identifying valuable data assets, and defining interfaces that provide the appropriate level of direction and free-form exploration.

Applying the Power of Tableau to Sales Analytics (38 mins)

In this webcast, we share techniques to answer common sales questions using the impressive visualization and analytical capabilities of Tableau.

What we cover:

  • What are the questions faced by sales managers and why aren’t they easy to solve?
  • Which data assets help us in describing what is happening, and crucially what will happen in the future?
  • What analytical techniques are available, and how can Tableau help deliver insights?

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking to drive sales effectiveness using data and analytics?
  • Are you using Tableau and keen to understand the potential for Sales Analysis?