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Powerful Pairing: Tableau and Databricks


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Databricks and Tableau are both powerful tools in their own right. However, combining both Databricks’ unified analytics platform with a world-leading visualization tool in Tableau provides a highly effective pairing for data analysis and interpretation.

In the past year, this combination has become even more effective due to the effort of Databricks and Tableau in partnership to create a new connector that allows for a simpler Tableau-native approach to connecting the tools. In this recorded webcast, Thorogood Consultant Robbie Shaw demonstrates one of the most common uses of this tool pairing bringing the advanced analysis power and capability of Databricks to a visualization tool in Tableau that can grab a viewer’s attention.

Powerful Pairing: Databricks and Tableau (26 mins)

This recorded webcast includes:

  • Demo of new Databricks-Tableau connector
  • Data architecture design for combining Databricks and Tableau
  • A wider use case employing both tools

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to efficiently visualize your data in Databricks? Such as data science experiment results or data engineering outputs?
  • Do you currently work with only Databricks or Tableau and want to expand its possibilities?
  • Are you curious about the potential of Databricks, Tableau or both in tandem?