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Tableau Hands-on Virtual Training


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  • Tableau Desktop
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  • Ask Data
  • Explain Data

Get an insight into the latest developments from Tableau and try out the technology yourself!

Join us on 2nd July to understand how Tableau can transform your organization’s analytics capability.

Tableau is rapidly expanding the value of its platform by continuing to enhance its core visualization functionality and now enabling painless data preparation and transformation behind the scenes. On the day, you will be able to get an introduction to the desktop tool, get a feel for the Tableau Online service and the new addition of Tableau Prep. We’ll also cover the latest updates released this year. You’ll then have an opportunity to get hands-on with the product through guided examples so that you can assess how Tableau can help your organization.

This workshop will be delivered virtually and live via Microsoft Teams:

What to expect:

  • Explore the components of the Tableau desktop tool – load, blend and explore your data for self-service BI
  • Create a dashboard to summarize KPIs and key metrics in your data
  • Demonstrate how to distribute your business content to larger audiences throughout your organization
  • Support you in connecting to your own data source(s) and building your own dashboard
  • Run through the latest additions to Tableau and explore the power of Ask and Explain Data, among other features.

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in trying out Tableau Desktop to assess how it can help with your organization’s analytical needs?
  • Are you currently using Tableau in your organization and interested to learn more about how it can enhance your analysis?
  • Are you looking to leverage the power of Tableau Prep offering to bring more data into Tableau and open up new opportunities to understand your business?