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Self-Serve Data Preparation with Tableau Prep


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We all know the realities that when it comes to trying to report on data, sourcing the right information from the right place can be a challenge.

Whether from corporate systems, data lakes or data warehouses, the data we sometimes need can be in multiple locations and to report on it and get it into the shape and structures we need can require significant investments in time and effort. However, if speed and agility are important to you, then Tableau’s data prep tool, designed for accelerating that process is here to help.

Thorogood consultant Deepraj Peddakota demonstrates in this recorded webcast how Tableau’s latest visual tool for data preparation and cleansing can help you solve these issues and more.

Self-Serve Data Preparation with Tableau Prep

In this recorded webcast we:

  • Introduce Tableau Prep and the Tableau Server Conductor
  • Demonstrate how you can use Tableau Prep to bring together data quickly and visually
  • Demonstrate how to perform advanced transformations leveraging out of the box features to improve the quality of your data

Is it for you?

  • Are you using Tableau for reporting and want to see how Tableau Prep can help you prepare data for analysis?
  • Are you struggling to pull together the right data you need for your Tableau reporting?
  • Are you carrying out extensive data transformation tasks which require manual intervention?
  • Are you experiencing data quality challenges that could potentially impact your analysis?