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Understanding your cyber vulnerabilities


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Digital transformation, while bringing in new opportunities for businesses, exposes them to a growing number of cyber threats. New regulations such as GDPR increase the cost businesses would need to pay in the event of such attacks. It is imperative for businesses to identify and understand the potential risks and proactively work towards minimizing their exposure.

In this webcast, we outline how Thorogood is helping large enterprise customers to analyze and manage vulnerabilities in their IT landscape. We also demonstrate how a suite of dashboards developed in Tableau can help you identify the areas of high risk and help track remediation.

Understanding your Cyber Vulnerabilities

What we cover

In this webcast we demonstrate:

  • How best to bring cyber vulnerability datasets together for easy analysis
  • Understand and manage vulnerabilities in your organization using intuitive dashboards
  • Apply different techniques to identify potential areas of risk

Is it for you?

  • Are you responsible for managing the cyber vulnerabilities in your organization?
  • Are you using multiple tools to identify vulnerabilities and spending a lot of time manually collating cyber vulnerability data for reporting?
  • Are you interested in improving how you identify and react to cyber vulnerabilities?