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Power Apps Sales Forecast Submission and Adjustment


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Collecting information from multiple teams in your organization to form one overall perspective can be highly challenging and is often more time-consuming than you first imagine. There has to be a more efficient solution than email, “pings”, and endless versions of the same spreadsheet.

Power Apps offers that more efficient solution. Through Power Apps, one can create a simple application that will automate the process of submission of information for multiple parties. For example, you manage a sales team working across different geographies and business areas, every member of the sales team needs to submit forecasts at the start of the quarter. You want to be able to control the format of these sales forecasts, have new forecasts update your overall view automatically, keep an automated record of who has submitted, and have the ability to make adjustments to submissions. In this webcast Thorogood consultant Robbie Shaw shows you how this and other similar solutions can be created using the Power Platform.

Power Apps Sales Forecast Submission and Adjustment (23 mins)

What we cover:

  • Brief overview of Power Apps and the Power Platform
  • Demo using Power Apps to improve efficiency for the submission of sales forecasts
  • Examples of other use cases

Is it for you:

  • Are you currently managing any process which requires multiple input from multiple users?
  • Are you using shared Excel spreadsheets or emails to manage multiple people’s inputs? Using this method are you struggling with multiple different versions and maintaining consistent inputs?
  • Are you interested in Power Apps and wonder how it could help you?