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Introduction to Microsoft's AI Builder


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As businesses strive to bring Artificial Intelligence capabilities into their applications, technology is evolving to make those capabilities more accessible to a wider range of users. Microsoft’s AI Builder brings a user-friendly approach to AI development into your Power Platform applications.

Thorogood consultants Amanda Teschko and Emily Dentinger explore the increasingly accessible potential of Artificial Intelligence through AI Builder, part of Microsoft’s Power Platform.  AI Builder offers a low-code/no-code interface designed to integrate advanced AI algorithms into applications and workflows, enabling business users to become self-sufficient when analyzing data and extracting insights.

This recorded webcast highlights the growing relevance of AI in business intelligence and analytics through Microsoft’s AI Builder platform. It looks at the capabilities of this tool and how it can be leveraged to provide powerful insights into your business analytics. Business-relevant product demonstrations will guide viewers through the platform’s interface and functionalities.

Introduction to Microsoft’s AI Builder (23 mins)

What to expect:

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • A discussion on the potential use cases and benefits of Artificial Intelligence for business applications and analytics
  • An overview of Microsoft’s AI Builder’s functionalities
  • Business-relevant demonstrations in the AI Builder platform

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your business analytics strategy?
  • Are you interested in learning how you can enhance your analytics strategy?
  • Are you currently using any of the services in the Microsoft Power Platform?