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Getting Started with AI & AWS


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Thorogood consultants Scott Stieritz and Charlie Kirby dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence and explore how AI practices can be applied to your organization using the tools offered by the AWS platform.

Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly adopted by organizations, driven by the growing desire to optimize, enhance and automate business processes. AWS, a consistent leader in the cloud infrastructure market, has numerous services that can be used standalone or combined to create an efficient AI ecosystem.

In this webcast, they explore how some of the AWS AI services and tools can be used to transform ways of working in the delivery and implementation of Artificial Intelligence & Analytics solutions.

Getting Started with AI & AWS

This webcast:

  • Discusses the principles and value of Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduces the wide range of AWS services that can be used to implement AI solutions

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in finding out ways to be more effective and more responsive to your customers?
  • Are you using or considering adopting the AWS cloud platform?
  • Do you want to learn about the AWS services that might be applicable in your organization’s AI practice?