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Achieve a Win-Win with your Retailers


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Much of the focus for consumer goods manufacturers lies in understanding the end-consumer, and rightly so. However, there is a lot of value in understanding their customers – the retailers and distributors – and working together to create a win-win for all.

Changes in the retail landscape – 24/7 opening, online shopping, and the increasing influence of discount stores – are impacting how people buy. With data volumes growing exponentially, technology is taking an ever-increasing role in enabling manufacturers to understand and react to this changing landscape. But this data can also help manufacturers forge more effective relationships with their customers.

In this recorded webcast Thorogood consultant James Leonard showcases how a Power BI application leveraging components of the Azure landscape can be used to derive a strategy to achieve a win-win. We will look at strategies combined with the power of advanced, statistical analytics, to deliver more powerful and accurate insights to support smarter decisions on trade investment, brand portfolio optimization, and channel distribution.

In this session we consider an example scenario to explore the following situations:

  • Are you investing in the right promotions, the right brands, retail channels, retailers?
  • Are the trade investments you’re making yielding both value and volume growth?
  • Can you benchmark your profitability against your competitors?
  • Are your promotions being felt by the consumer?
  • Are you delivering the right products through the right channels?
  • Are you de-valuing your brands through the continual promotional activity?

Is it for you?

  • Are you part of an organization or team which collaborates with external vendors and distributors, and are evaluating ways in which you can benefit all involved?
  • Are you looking to explore how Power BI applications can be built to obtain a decision-making path for your business problems?