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Scenario Modeling for Real Estate Space Planning with Anaplan


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COVID-19 is a public health crisis that has profoundly impacted the way in which we live our lives, resulting in substantial changes for all businesses across industries. Leaders are now presented with the opportunity to use the lessons from a global work-from-home experiment to reimagine ways of working – and what role offices should play in the future.

Before the pandemic, it was widely believed that physical office spaces were critical to productivity and culture. Estimates suggest that as of April 2020, 62% of employed Americans worked at home during the crisis, compared to 25% a couple of years ago. According to McKinsey research, 80% of people questioned report that they enjoy working from home. 41% say they are more productive than they had been before and 28% say they are as productive.

Thorogood has been working with enterprise customers to create models in Anaplan that are customized for real estate space planning scenarios that have been accelerated due to COVID-19. By taking advantage of Anaplan’s offerings to real-time dynamically model all possible space planning scenarios that may happen in the very near future, customers will be best placed to reimagine the office and work life after COVID-19 using data-driven analytics.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultants Sarah Diehl and John Miller share their ideas on how companies can leverage analysis and planning tools such as Anaplan to effectively plan for their real estate needs in a COVID-19 world; we’ll demo techniques, share outputs and discuss the value of getting this analysis right, and quickly.

What we cover:

Drawing from experience working with customers on scenario modeling for real estate space planning, we demo and discuss:

  • The criticality of effectively conducting analysis on an ongoing basis in this changed environment
  • How Anaplan can be used as a tool to effectively real-time model all relevant scenarios for a global real estate portfolio
  • How Anaplan provides the flexibility to capture numerous assumptions and real-time reforecast as those assumptions change with the global pandemic
  • Outputs, reports, and examples of actionable insights which we have generated

Is it for you?

  • Is your organization approaching crucial timelines for real estate decision making and looking for a dynamic solution to model the possible outcomes and impacts?
  • Are you seeking to adapt to the changed business environment using data-driven analytics?
  • Are you responsible for corporate real estate data analysis, data integration, or analytics within your organization?
  • Are you looking for an offering that will allow you to model space planning across all levels of the portfolio in a COVID-19 world?