Anaplan's New User Experience - First Impressions


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At the San Francisco Connect Planning Xperience conference in June, Anaplan announced a new user experience (UX) for its planning and analysis platform. It told us that it would be visually engaging and easy-to-use and this would drive the democratization of decision-making by making intelligent planning technology accessible to everyone.

It is worth noting that Anaplan already has a highly functional capability for presenting information in, what they are now calling, Classic Dashboards. We also know Anaplan has invested considerable resource over a significant period of time developing what is a significant stand-alone tool for this new task. It sits on its own platform and queries the existing platform as a client queries a server.

So why does Anaplan think there is not just room, but a glaring need, for such an addition to its platform? What does it offer that we don’t have already? Is it duplicative and therefore is a stepping stone which will ultimately result in the replacement of the current interface? We will be posing and answering these questions and more in our review of the UX.

Find out how the new UX covers ground not previously covered in areas such as mobile, how it upgrades the workflow capabilities with tasks, notifications, and guided experiences. Discover how it covers a new paradigm in displaying and capturing data to and from the very same models as before. This different style could replace or could be complementary. Preference will undoubtedly enter into it but we think some general observations can be made.

There is a slickness, a simplicity and a sophistication in the new offering. It has a more standardized mode of operation which requires reduced training and faster engagement, designed to pull even more people into the planning conversation. Anaplan talks about bringing a collaborative, effortless, responsive and dynamic conversation.

In this webcast, we will show you the realities of this exciting new product component so that you can formulate your own ideas. We think it’s definitely worth a look.

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The Anaplan new UX User Experience