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Enhance your planning and budgeting process with Anaplan


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Regardless of a company’s size or sector, the ability to manage and understand expenses is critical to the profitability and plannability of a business.  Though the types of expenses may be unique to individual organizations, many companies exhibit common pain points when discussing their expense planning process.

Thorogood consultants Amanda Teschko and Alaistair Jones look at the use of spreadsheets in conjunction with ledger solutions, which are often times archaic and rigid, and can make the planning process manual and error prone.  Entirely pre-packaged solutions are often too rigid to handle the organizational complexities of enterprise organizations.  The process of collecting, aligning, and approving plans can be tedious and time intensive. They then show how the use of Anaplan can provide a solution.

Anaplan is a cloud-based enterprise planning and modeling platform that is disrupting the market and reinventing the way organizations are operating key processes. It combines the collaborative contributions of business users with other data sources to calculate results and outcomes in a highly interactive manner. These solutions can be customized to handle the complexities of your unique business requirements in many scenarios.

See how Anaplan can help you to rehabilitate your burdensome expense planning process.

What we cover:

Drawing from our own client experiences, we demonstrate:

  • Common pain points that organizations experience with their current expense planning processes
  • A look at the workflow aspects of planning, and the ways Anaplan can help facilitate the management of that workflow in a more seamless and transparent manner
  • The ways in which Anaplan can assist with managing a process that considers both top-down and bottom-up planning
  • The value of storing commentary throughout the planning process to ensure consensus and clarity

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently responsible for consolidating the expense plans of many entities and struggling with your existing process?
  • Are you a part of an expense planning process that lacks transparency and clear communication?
  • Does your organization waste precious time and energy planning and re-planning rather than spending time focusing on the execution of those plans?
  • Would you like to understand more about how Anaplan can help with this, and many other, planning processes?