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Managing Group and Management Reporting with Anaplan


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In today’s world of tight governance and demands for transparency, companies operate in a challenging environment. Many choose to tackle the area of Group and Management reporting in Excel. However, managing a key submission process in this way introduces weaknesses and risks which are difficult to overcome and add real cost to the job.

In this recorded webcast, we look at how Anaplan can be used to provide a flexible yet controlled solution to enable companies to complete their submissions, including:

  • Automatic production of all returns
  • Full-trace mappings from detail to return
  • Inputs & adjustments under user control with full audit
  • Automated reconciliation and validation
  • Automated data refresh, overnight or on demand
  • Automated reporting cycle rollover

Is it for you?

  • Are you responsible for submitting Group or Management figures?
  • Are you currently using Excel but worried about the lack of control?
  • Do you spend all your time pulling information together leaving no time to analyze figures before submitting?
  • Do you currently use Anaplan and want to get added value from your licenses?

Recorded webcast – Managing Group and Management Reporting with Anaplan (22:32)

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