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Tableau Product Roadmap in 2020


  • Webcast


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Server/Online

Join us on November 21st as we share the latest Tableau product updates and features, direct from the Las Vegas Tableau Conference. Listen to our experts go in-depth on newly announced functionality and Tableau’s powerful pairing with other tools in the market.

Let us know if you’re coming to the Tableau conference! Send us an email using the contact information below to schedule an in-person meetup with our Tableau gurus.

Tableau is rapidly expanding the value of its platform by continuing to enhance its core reporting functionality and is now enabling painless data preparation and transformation behind the scenes. In this webcast, we demonstrate some exciting new features plus enhanced functionality in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server 2020.


What to expect

  • New functionality and updated features released at the Las Vegas 2019 Tableau conference available in the latest version of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and Tableau Server/Online.
  • Insights into new features currently in release and those planned for release across the product suite, including live demos.
  • Additional information on switching to Tableau from existing tools, as well as other tools you may be using that Tableau can easily pair with.


Is it for you?

  • Are you currently using Tableau in your organization and interested in learning how it can enhance your analysis?
  • Are you looking to utilize the power of Tableau Prep by bringing more data and opening new opportunities to understand your business?
  • Are you new to Tableau and interested in using the tool while staying up to date on the tool’s offerings?