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Building a Data-Driven Organization


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  • Data-driven decision-making

For some of the world’s top-performing organizations use of data to guide future strategy and to support day-to-day operations is ingrained. How do you transform your organization into one that sources and analyzes data of all shapes and sizes, and applies the learning to decision making from top to bottom?

Whilst the advantages are well-understood, for many organization’s it’s a shift that they are finding hard to make. In this virtual workshop, we will be discussing the levers that need to be understood to get you there.

What to expect

During the course of the event we:

  • Explore the key pillars that need to be in place to support a data-driven culture
  • Discuss some of the common challenges we see our customers face
  • Illustrate practical use cases of where data-driven decision making impacts a company’s performance

Is it for you?

  • Do you need help understanding how your company competes through data-driven decision making?
  • Would you like to understand how other organizations apply analytics to drive business performance?


Please note that this event will be conducted in Portuguese.