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Operationalizing Analytics with Data Visualization Tools


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As cloud data platforms continue to evolve and organizations invest more and more in analytics, a common use case we see is the need to interact with analytical models from data visualization tools and build cohesive end-to-end applications. Examples such as performing what-if analyses, sending inputs to an analytical model, and refreshing data visualizations in real-time, and streaming analytics are becoming more relevant and increasing in demand from users.

As enterprise organizations deliver modern data architectures and enable analytical and data visualization capabilities, the opportunity to work with data on scalable infrastructure presents interesting possibilities to manipulate large volumes, combine many sources of data, and execute analytic experiments. In this recorded webcast Thorogood Consultants Sarah Diehl and Ben Dunmire, look at common use cases for integrating analytical tools with data visualization technologies, and how business value can be derived from those solutions. We will discuss some key technical challenges to design for and explore possible solution architectures using powerful pairings of data and analytic technologies.

What we cover

Drawing from experience with design and implementation of analytical models and data visualization solutions:

  • Some common use cases and business drivers for developing interactivity between productionized analytics and reports/dashboard, such as performing what-if scenarios.
  • Discussion of the key technical hurdles and challenges in executing or interacting with dynamic analytic datasets/models from front-end tools.
  • Example solution architectures and key considerations when thinking about tool capabilities.
  • Approaches to prove value in integrating analytical models with data visualization tools and ideas for getting started.

Is it for you?

  • Have you invested in analytical solutions and front-end data viz tools, but are struggling to execute all use cases within a cohesive strategy?
  • Are you looking to productionize analytics in your organization and enable end-users to extract maximum value from data applications?
  • Are you interested to learn about methodologies and tools to enable interaction between analytical models and data visualization tools?