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Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics


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One of Microsoft’s newest cloud services, Azure Synapse Analytics positions itself as a key tool to unlock insights and drive decision-making from data and analytics.

With the rapid growth of Data Lakes and continued strength of structured data warehouses, a consolidated tool to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for enterprise cloud stores offers compelling opportunities for the Azure platform.

As enterprise organizations design modern data architectures and cloud-based applications, the ability to work with data on limitless infrastructure presents interesting possibilities to manipulate large data volumes, combine different types and sources of data, and perform analytic exercises.

In this recorded webcast, we analyze the key capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics and consider where it fits within the Azure cloud ecosystem. We discuss what the evolution of SQL Data Warehouse to Synapse Analytics entails for existing Azure implementations and highlight the added features Synapse offers for data warehousing and big data analytics.

What we cover

Drawing from experience with cloud implementations and the latest from Microsoft, we discuss:

  • The features of Azure Synapse Analytics and where its functionalities fit in cloud applications.
  • The value of capabilities for processing data lake and data warehouse content together and bringing together ingestion, preparation, and data analysis into a single platform.
  • The user interface for Synapse and its enablement of users.
  • Opportunities to assess Synapse as part of an Azure cloud implementation and determine its role in solutions.

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently, or already, deploying an Azure cloud ecosystem?
  • Do you have both data lake and data warehouse assets and are looking to drive maximum value from those investments?
  • Are you interested to learn about Azure Synapse Analytics, how it works, and its key capabilities?