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Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models Easily: Azure ML


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  • Microsoft Azure
  • Machine Learning
  • Databricks

Now more than ever, companies need to be able to explore and analyze data in flexible ways, quickly. Microsoft Azure offers a variety of tools for Data Science and Machine Learning that unlock valuable opportunities to take your insights to the next level and better understand what’s happening in your business. In this recorded webcast Thorogood consultants Andrew Kennedy and Akalya Muthanandam outline an approach.

Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models Easily: Azure ML (37 mins)

We introduce tools that support a range of use patterns:

  • Azure ML Designer – drag-and-drop machine learning for building models without writing any code
  • Azure Databricks – ultimate flexibility by writing your models in Python or R, leveraging Azure for extreme performance at any scale
  • Azure ML Automated Machine Learning – bring the data and the use case, and let Azure ML find the best model
  • Cognitive Services – pre-built models for scenarios like image recognition, understanding text and sentiment analysis

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to maximize the value from data in your data lake?
  • Would you benefit from analyzing your data in more advanced ways?
  • Are you looking for Machine Learning tools that work at any scale?