Business Intelligence & Analytics Update

Our summer seminar was held at the fantastic Ham Yard Hotel in the heart of Soho, London.

We tackled two of the biggest topics in the industry right now: Becoming Data Driven, and the Internet of Things.

Recordings of all the event's presentations are available below.

Exploiting the Internet of Things

The launch of Apple Watch has brought the world’s attention to wearable devices. The data these and other connected devices capture presents an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight into consumers’ lifestyles and behavior and is revolutionizing whole industries.

Are you ready for the data-driven revolution?

Understand how the latest generation of wearable and connected devices offer unparalleled opportunities for fresh insights into consumer lifestyles and behaviors, and how it’s revolutionising whole industries.

Speaker : Trevor Jones (20 mins)


Successful strategies for managing data

Gain insights into the challenges around managing the huge volumes of data being delivered by more and more devices, and learn how to consider data value before investing in expensive data analysis and architectures.

Speaker : Julia Honigsberger (29 mins)


Making the most of Microsoft’s mobile BI capabilities

Microsoft has become very active in the mobile BI market recently, with significant investment in its Power BI product and the acquisition of DataZen. What are the implications for you and what does it mean for the mobile BI market?

Speaker : Henrietta Forssen (21 mins)


How to boost your data visualization capabilities with Tableau 9

See how the latest release of leading data visualization tool Tableau makes it easier than ever to visualise, analyze and gain powerful new insights from data and devices, including wearable devices.

Speaker : Madeleine Malmgren (20 mins)


Becoming data driven

The world's top performing organizations use analytics to guide future strategies, and insights to guide day-to-day operations. How do you transform your organization into one that sources and analyzes data of all shapes and sizes, and applies the learning to decision making from top to bottom?


How can empowering users deliver a stronger return on business information and analytics investment?

To maximise your return on investment in business intelligence and analytics, you need to be able to exploit new opportunities and eliminate unnecessary costs through better, data-driven decision making. But how do you achieve that?

Speaker : Amanda Teschko (23 mins)


Delivering better insights through more integrated systems

Learn how to increase the value of business intelligence and enable more informed decisions by removing the disconnect between analytics solutions and people’s ‘regular’ duties and activities.

Speaker : Liz McCreesh (21 mins)