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Maximizing the Value from Your Social Listening Data


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‘Listening’ to conversations about your brand on social media is empowering for organizations. Public opinion about your brands and marketing campaigns shared on social media, when translated to numbers and trends, can be highly informative. But how do you understand this information alongside all the other data points you have gathered about the performance of your business? How do you gain insights that cause you to take data driven decisions?

Maximizing the Value from Your Social Listening Data (24 mins)

Analyzing social media posts by your brand’s audience lets you understand their perception of your brand and your competitor’s. There are many tools that organizations can leverage for social listening. However, this data, when analyzed in isolation can only be of limited value. In this recorded webcast Thorogood Data and AI Consultants Sushma Sekar and Robbie Shaw demonstrate how social listening data can be integrated with many other sources of data in your organization to achieve a more comprehensive picture of your company’s social presence and its effect on your business.

What to expect?

  • A deep dive into how companies can integrate their social listening data with other data sources, for example, sales, marketing calendar, competitor intelligence, consumer surveys
  • A Power BI demo showing this integration in action to get a holistic view of overall customer engagement and gain deeper insight into its impact on sales
  • Explore how machine learning can also be leveraged to estimate the effect of social engagement on the top line

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently buying social listening data but are struggling to define where it can improve business performance?
  • Are you interested in tracking how user perception of your brands on social media is impacting your business?
  • Would you benefit from understanding how effective your online marketing strategy has been in increasing the sales?