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Generative AI with Databricks & Thorogood: From Concept to Deployment


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How Thorogood and Databricks can help you take your first step towards navigating the future of AI.

In this recorded webinar between Thorogood and Databricks, we discover the fundamentals of creating and managing generative models with Databricks, and how the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform supports in managing and monitoring your data assets and your AI models in production.

What to expect:

  • Learn about the concept of Generative AI and its impact on the global economy
  • Explore key features of the Data Intelligence Platform, including Databricks Assistant, Mosaic ML, and the critical factors for achieving production-level Generative AI success
  • Hear from Thorogood about real-world applications of generative AI and discover how Generative AI is transforming business processes, paving the way for innovation

Generative AI with Databricks: From Concept to Deployment (63 mins)

This webinar is tailored for data enthusiasts, business leaders, and technology professionals seeking to strike the right balance between governance and innovation when considering utilizing AI models for their business needs.