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Unlocking Business Value with Graph Databases


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Whether it’s optimizing product recommendations, streamlining supply chain networks, or detecting fraud, many organizations are finding value in using graph databases and algorithms to tackle business questions that have been difficult to answer with traditional relational technologies.

Graph databases store data in structures that are optimized for traversing complex relationships that are characteristic of many real world networks – such as social circles, supply chains, or pages in the world wide web. Graph databases store data as “nodes” and “edges”, where nodes represent entities like customers, products, and locations, and edges represent relationships between them.

Unlocking Business Value with Graph Databases (30 mins)

Watch our recorded webcast where Thorogood Data and AI Consultants Brendan Lundquist and Jake Roy  give an introduction to enterprise applications of graph databases and the business problems they can help you solve.

What to expect

  • Introduction to graph databases and how they differ from traditional relational databases
  • Common graph-specific use cases that can lead to real-world business value
  • Sample of technology vendor offerings

Is it for you?

  • Would you like a better understanding of what graph databases are and how they work?
  • Are you curious about whether a graph database is appropriate for your organization?
  • Do you want to know more about the business cases graph databases can tackle?