Reporting & Analytics Hub

A one-stop shop for report discovery and navigation across all your organization’s reporting platforms

The Thorogood Reporting and Analytics Hub allows users to browse reports across a range of reporting platforms - such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Excel and more - from one consistent and user-friendly interface.

How it works

1. Existing reports are assigned customizable and expandable metadata tags that allow for easy search and categorization.

2. The reports are added to a central catalogue that includes the report location and description of its contents

3. Users access the catalogue via a web portal and navigate available reports by browsing, filtering or searching.

4. After a report is selected by a user, it launches in the platform in which the report natively resides.

Key Features

  • Searchable: Customizable categories and metadata tags enable users to browse available reports by filtering or performing specific key word searches.
  • Personal: User-curated Favorites lists facilitate quick access to frequently used reports.
  • Traceable: Built-in analytics functionality allows for company-wide usage reports that help track user adoption and rationalize underutilized reports.
  • Secure: Admin features allow for control over which parts of the catalog are visible to which users, while read-write access to each visible report is governed by the underlying platform.

Why is it needed?

The ever-increasing proliferation of data and self-service reporting platforms has provided companies with an abundance of tools and reports to assist with data-driven decision making.

However, with this abundance of reports comes the challenge of ensuring that users and administrators throughout a company know what reports are available to them as well as where to find them.

Thorogood’s Reporting and Analytics Hub solves this problem by providing:

A One-Stop Shop

Because reports across a range of technologies can be browsed in one central location, users know exactly where to turn when looking for information that is relevant to the task at hand.

Enhanced Discovery

By offering users visibility to reports that exist across the organization, users are able to quickly discover reports that they might not have known about otherwise. This reduces the risk of duplication while amplifying the potential utility of each report that is run.

Resilience to Change

By cataloging reports across platforms, users are provided a consistent location for accessing reports, even as the landscape of front-end technologies used by the organization changes.

How to get started?


By purchasing a one time, per instance, license, customers will reap the benefits of the Reporting and Analytics Hub on a perpetual basis.


We’ll help you fit the product into your organization by identifying reports, defining appropriate metadata, and populating the catalog.

Enhance (optional)

If desired, extensions to the product can be estimated and added into your specific instance to meet any unique needs your organization may have.


With an easy to maintain solution and no ongoing license fees, your organization is ready to roll out the tool to users for lasting benefit.

To learn how the Thorogood Reporting & Analytics Hub could help you, request a demo or email