A comprehensive reporting solution for Lloyd's Insurers' Core Market Returns

Thorogood Curator is a cloud-based reporting solution for the Lloyd’s Insurance market to support delivery of Core Market Returns. Developed by Thorogood with the support of Faraday, this pairing of expertise has created a flexible yet controlled analytic solution that enables Lloyd’s insurers to complete their Core Market Returns submissions with greater confidence.

Key features

Curator brings together all returns into a unified model to drive clarity and consistency.

Users can access all forms within a single consistent environment, avoiding the need to go to different workbooks to find other information, supporting clear and common ways of working. By bringing returns together, Curator can seamlessly share data across returns and forms, making it easy to complete returns accurately and consistently.

1. Data automation - loading data into Curator ‘hands-free’ to reduce the potential for error

2. Process control - in the hands of the finance team to enable regular and event-driven updates

3. Manual adjustments - to enable last-minute changes when time is a constraint

4. Audit & approval - ensuring you have a record and a sign-off process for changes

5. Data lineage - being able to understand where numbers come from in a complex flow of information

6. Managed change – implementing Lloyd’s changes so you can focus on the submission process

Core Market Returns covered, include:

  • Solvency II (QSR / ASR)
  • Technical Provisions Data (TPD)
  • Asset Data (QAD / AAD)
  • Quarterly Monitoring (QMA / QMB)
  • Gross Quarterly Data (GQD)
  • North American Information Statements (Situs, Tax, TRIA, NAIC)

How it works


Load, cleanse and align data from your Ledger, Data Warehouse, and other source systems and files.

Adjust & Verify

Use the Anaplan model to adjust with a full audit trail and clear validations to reduce potential for error.


Generate Core Market Returns CSVs at the press of a button for submitting to Lloyd's.

Why is it needed?

Lloyd’s insurers operate in a challenging environment. Considerable disclosure requirements include dealing with a dynamic set of reporting requirements and increasingly aggressive reporting timetable.

Managing this key submission process in Excel introduces weaknesses and risks which are difficult to overcome and add real cost to the job:

  • Highly manual process controls
  • Poor traceability of numbers
  • Time consuming source data refresh
  • Weak audit trails for preparation and change
  • Cross-form and cross-return validation challenges
  • Lack of access for concurrent working

How to get started

The implementation process aligns specific details and requirements of your company’s business with the Curator product. This process ensures that your data and metadata (e.g. class of business, risk code etc.) are uploaded into Curator and also addresses any specifics of the way the return process is managed in your company.


Assessment of the availability of source data and form-fit establishes the effort to implement and customize Curator, and produce a high-level plan and cost.


Working with both finance and IT teams, a detailed planning phase frames subsequent activity and aligns the whole team together against an agreed plan.


Configuration of the Curator model alongside production of the data – either by your in-house IT teams or with support from Thorogood consultants.


Historic cycles are populated and users sign-off against agreed criteria. User training ensures the team can hit the ground running for the next cycle.

To learn how Thorogood Curator could help you, request a demo or email