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Stop re-creating! Find the reports you already have.

Large organizations often use a variety of reporting and analysis tools to deliver information. This can make it confusing for business users to find relevant reports and share their own insights. The Reporting & Analytics Hub catalogs and surfaces analyses from a wide range of tools, providing a single entry point and powerful search interface. Complexity made simple.

Thorogood consultant Jon Ward presents Thorogood’s Reporting & Analytics Hub is a sleek web-based application which centralizes analytics, insights, and structured reports independent of the underlying reporting technology (e.g. Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Reporting Services, Excel, SAP BusinessObjects, etc.). The Reporting & Analytics Hub fosters analytics adoption through powerful search and personalized collaboration features.

Thorogood’s Reporting & Analytics Hub

What to expect

  • Examine common enterprise information sharing challenges
  • Explore some of the key benefits of a central hub to share and collaborate on analytics across an enterprise or within a functional area
  • Demonstrate an implementation of Thorogood’s Reporting & Analytics Hub in Microsoft SharePoint showing a variety of differentiating features focused on driving adoption and fostering an analytics culture
  • Highlight some key features of Thorogood’s Reporting & Analytics Hub:
  • Custom Metadata – Organize reports using business driven metadata custom to your organization.
  • Metadata Driven Search – Leverage your custom metadata to aid in searching for reports and filtering your report library.
  • Favorite Reports – Easily mark key reports as favorites, allowing for quick access for you or your team.

Is it for you?

  • Are your users confused about where important information is held in your organization?
  • Is your organization using a number of technologies to deliver reports and analytics?
  • Would you benefit from centralized access to your different platforms?
  • Is your organization struggling with a large amount of shared insights primarily over email?
  • Would you like to better understand how a Reporting & Analytics Hub can help your business users access information easily?