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Ingestion Coordination through Metadata


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  • Metadata Driven Ingestion

Coordinating the load of disparate data sources into a common data model can be a tedious and manual task prone to errors.

It can require separate pipelines and ETL notebooks, each specified to only one specific set of data, greatly increasing the difficulty in managing the solution and making updates across all pipelines. Using a single metadata file, it’s possible to select specific parameters for each data set that can be used in a generic pipeline. In this recorded webinar, Thorogood consultants John Miller and Utkarsh Panchal share the benefits of a metadata driven ingestion approach.

What we cover:

  • An introduction to metadata driven ingestion and its benefits
  • Tools which can be used to assist your organization in adopting a metadata driven ingestion approach

Is it for you?

  • Do you have multiple data pipelines to ingest data into the same data model?
  • Are you interested in simplifying the management of data pipelines and ETL notebooks?

Ingestion Coordination through Metadata (17 minutes)