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Data Ingestion Patterns in AWS


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Amazon Web Services is one of the world’s leading cloud platform providers and provides numerous tools for use within modern data architectures. A solid understanding of available tools and design patterns for data ingestion within AWS is crucial for getting the most value out of your data architecture.

We’ve seen many organizations embark on transformational journeys toward AWS-based data lakes and data lakehouses. A key prerequisite to getting value out of this type of architecture is, of course, putting value into the architecture, via a robust data ingestion framework. With many data orchestration, ingestion, and transformation tools at your fingertips within the AWS platform, it may feel challenging to understand how these pieces all fit together. In this recorded webcast Thorogood Data and Analytics Consultants John Miller and Harpreet Cheema lay out some helpful patterns to get you started on this journey.

Data Ingestion Patterns in AWS (20 mins)

What to expect

This webcast includes a presentation and demo, focusing on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the AWS platform and its common data orchestration, ingestion, and transformation tools
  • A hands-on look at tooling patterns and combinations
  • Exploration of key considerations for developing an effecting data ingestion framework

Is it for you?

  • Are you getting started on your AWS journey and looking for architecture ideas?
  • Are you struggling with getting the right design using the plethora of data tools in AWS?
  • Are your ingestion patterns manual and tactical, and do you want to harden them into a more enterprise-appropriate framework?