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How to use Azure DevOps effectively


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It is clear that the implementation of DevOps principles in technology driven companies is critical for business success, increasing effectiveness, reliability, performance and reducing time to deliver value to customers and business users.

When working in cloud environments, companies will most likely need to rely on Azure DevOps to manage code, CI/CD pipelines and other activities. While Azure DevOps has many different components and functionalities, its utilization in a non-optimal way can make tasks ineffective, reducing agility and creating dependence on manual inputs. In order to make use of this tool to its fullest, there are a few concepts and good practices users should consider, which can improve agility, reduce costs and make deployments seamless.

In this 30-minute webinar recorded webinar Mani Singh and Felipe Deo discuss how to use Azure DevOps effectively and explore key functionalities and good practices you should be implementing in your organization in order to enable users to fully utilize all the benefits of Azure DevOps.

How To Use Azure DevOps Effectively (20 mins)

What we cover:

  • DevOps principles
  • Main functionalities of Azure DevOps
  • Good Practices to improve Azure DevOps effectiveness

Is it for you?

  • Are you starting your DevOps journey in cloud platforms?
  • Are you interested in learning more about Azure DevOps and making your work more effective?
  • Are you exploring ways to decrease time to value and realize efficiencies in managing your cloud environment?