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Reducing Packaging Waste: leveraging data to reach your sustainability goals


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In a society which has long relied on the use of plastic in products and their packaging, organizations have an increasing moral obligation to combat plastic waste and its environmental impact. While defining targets to reduce packaging waste is a first step to aligning with global sustainability goals, actualization can produce a myriad of data challenges.

The emerging field of sustainability brings fresh challenges to many businesses looking to define their own strategy, with potential data obstacles arising even at a nascent stage. Relevant sustainability data can be scattered and is often not traditionally used for reporting. Simply identifying, collecting, and combining this data to build a cohesive and valuable dataset can become a considerable headache. In the case of plastic waste, identifying product packaging materials within internal datasets is a key consideration for organizations.  Further down the line, varying suppliers for bill of material information and evolving recycle rates compound the problem by introducing challenges to automating, aggregating, and reporting.

The potential benefits of unlocking valuable plastic waste reporting are varied, and of vital importance in building a successful sustainability strategy. Monitoring current metrics allows the user to explore their product portfolio and help identify problem areas drilling into the detail to understand packaging types, while the use of ‘what if’ analysis can offer almost subjunctive reporting to understand how planned strategies and packaging replacement can reduce overall packaging waste and progress towards global targets.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultants Natalie Shepherd and James Leonard explore how leveraging data analytics can offer transformative insight into product portfolios and potential strategies to reduce overall packaging waste. The use of technology allows organizations to enhance the quality of their data systems, define KPIs and develop insights which allow them to both conduct regulatory reporting and meet the needs for improvement. We will cover some exciting examples of

Packaging Sustainability (37 mins)

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