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Labeling Products for Sustainability


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In the global push for sustainable businesses, consumers are paying more and more attention to the environmental strategies of the organizations they buy from. Businesses with environment-centric mindsets are gaining support and statements on sustainability are becoming marketing strategies to reach larger audiences.

At the store, customers have loyalty to environmentally conscious brands and products. Impulse buying decisions may be made by labels like “reduced plastic” or “uses recycled materials.” Future products may even be labeled with the product’s carbon footprint from source materials to end usage. Along with a business’ overall sustainability positioning, these product labels are important factors in customers’ purchasing decisions.

Before a brand can label its products with its plastic reduction or carbon footprint, the business needs to establish a single source of truth data platform. This way, organizations can ensure that they’re collecting all relevant information accurately and outputting the proper labels to customers. In this 30-minute recorded webinar Thorogood Data and Analytics consultants Lauren Potechin and Fernando Takeshi detail how to build that data platform and use it to report on product footprints so that businesses can match their positioning to their actions.


What we cover:

  • Why labeling matters
  • How to establish a universal sustainability data platform and its benefits
  • Using the data platform to label products

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in boosting your sustainability strategy?
  • Are you keen to learn about how data is involved in sustainable branding?
  • Are you interested to hear how to establish a data platform for your sustainability metrics?